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For every friend that you refer to Old And New Stuff For Sale, you will be rewarded with a RM5 discount off your own purchase when your friend purchases something from us. Just drop me an email at for more information.


For those of you who want to earn a little income whether part-time or full-time, you can now join our Reseller Program.

What is Reseller Program?
You join Old And New Stuff For Sale as our sales person. You can earn money by selling our products. You do NOT have to purchase any stock or worry about the high capital, import duties, Custom tax, shipping, packaging and all that jazz.

Who Can Join?
You can be a full-time employed staff, student, unemployed, or a retiree. As long as you have a computer and know how to use the internet, you're on! There is no need to report to the office. You decide your own working hours. You decide how much you want to earn. You can work from the comforts of your own home in your pajamas!

How Does The Reseller Program Work?
You only need to introduce our products in your blog / website / Facebook, to friends, colleagues or whatever way you deem effective in advertising our products. Just copy and paste the pictures and product description into your blog / website / Facebook. When someone buys the product, you inform us. Your customer pays you the cost of the product + cost of shipping and you transfer the money into our bank account. We will send the products to your customer. Simple right? The best part is you don't have to buy any stock. Well, you can too if you want to.

How Much Do I Earn?
You decide how much you want to earn as your commission. As a Reseller you are free to set any price to your customer. What you earn is the difference between your cost price and your selling price. For eg. if you buy a dress from us at RM40 and you sell it at RM50 to your customer in your blog / website / Facebook, your profit/commission is RM10. All you have to do is to find customers and we will do the rest for you.

Wait, there's more. On top of that, we will give you 5% commission on the price of the product. For eg. if the dress sold at my website is RM40, I will give you RM2 commission. In total you'll get commission of RM10 + RM2 for a dress that costs RM40! Easy money eh?

How Do I Join?
Send me an email at

FREE SHIPPING on all items (ladies clothes only) for delivery within Peninsular Malaysia! For delivery to East Malaysia, just pay RM6 *.

* terms and conditions apply

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Angry Bird Soft Toy And Accessories

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You can sell just about any stuff - old baby clothes, your old clothes, bags, costume jelweries, accessories, belts, iPod, your old car (!!) and anything under the sky that you have EXCEPT for pornographic, illegal and other banned stuff here. Listing of your stuff at my blogshop will be subject to my review and approval.

This is the procedure:

1) Take pix of your stuff
2) Write description of your stuff
3) Set pricing for your stuff
4) Email the pix and description of your stuff to
5) I will post your pix and description of your stuff in this blogshop
6) Any enquiries from interested customers, I will direct them to you.
7) Payment will be to my bank account.
8) I will transfer the money to your account less 20% (10% handling / listing fee + 10% commission) to be paid to me.

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